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Measuring. Weighing. Sampling.

Customers throughout the world know the bulk material experts of REMBE® Kersting GmbH as a competent partner for measuring solutions, and the automated extraction of representative samples. The established company is able to create sustainable benefits through

  • mass flow measurement of powders and bulk materials
  • gravimetric measuring technology for representive level measurement
  • system solution to optimize supply chain management
  • professional sampling for a continuous quality control

Optimizing processes and workflows is one of the most important tasks REMBE® Kersting has a key focus on. The bulk material experts develop, manufacture and deliver products which then structure the production processes of our customers safer and more profitable.

As a recognized partner of the powder and bulk solids industry, REMBE® Kersting offers professional support for the planning, installation, commissioning and calibration. Market leaders of various industries have been relying on the quick response times, reliability and traceable quality provided by bulk material experts.

Engineers, technicians and partners of REMBE® Kersting are internationally recognized specialist providers for complete solutions in all bulk material technology areas. The products have proven themselves under operating conditions, and can be integrated into existing systems without extensive conversion measures. During the design, the key focus is on maintainability and robustness. Through this, plant operators are able to permanently reduce their operating costs.

Our aim is to support the user, and enable him to operate processes, machines and equipment in a highly economic manner.

We look forward to your call!

Bernd Sudhoff
Managing Director


We do not just work at our desks. We also work with you on-site.

Each production facility is different and has different requirements. This is why our experts have a close look at your entire plant with you to determine what is genuinely reasonable and what will be the best solution for you. It’s your perfect investment in your productivity.

Solutions off-the-peg? Not from REMBE® Kersting. Nach Sichtung aller relevanten Unterlagen werden Verbesserungspotenziale aufgezeigt und ein perfekt auf Ihr Unternehmen abgestimmtes, produktivitätssteigerndes Konzept erstellt.


We do not just give you recommendations. We provide you with the best solution.

From the paper to production: you will have a product or system that is perfectly tailored to suit your processes and operational requirements.

Whether it is measurement or sampling – our Made in Germany engineering ensures the best solution for you.


Our products are not only excellent. Our products are certified.

Good is never good enough for us. And so we keep putting ourselves on the test bench. The result is safety products licensed under globally recognised and industry-specific standards and regulations.

This high quality standard makes perfect economic sense for you. Our extensive product range ensures that you always receive the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your needs. We take responsibility for the big picture. With us you get everything from a single source, thus ensuring good profitability and legal security.


Downtime cost money. Our service never stands still – throughout the world.

REMBE® Kersting archives all production documents: all products from REMBE® Kersting have a serial / batch number. Thats why, even decades later, we are able to identify your products within a very short spare of time and produce replacement parts with exactly the same specification.

REMBE® Kersting speaks your language: Our global network of offices and our many international experts can guarantee that we always understand you and your needs. Just give us a ring.

REMBE® Kersting comes to you: for technical issues after delivery we offer an After-Sales-Service. Our service engineers support you in your work – on-site, in close collaboration.

Quality – the key to your productivity

Our products are manufactured according to the latest, up-to-date international standards for management systems, pressure equipment and explosion safety devices. As well as prioritising quality and reliability, we attach major importance to eco-friendly technologies, manufacturing processes and compliance with standards. High-quality materials from controlled sources ensure that our products have exceptionally long lifetimes.