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Reproducible mass measurement on skirt supported silos.

The L-Cell is ideally suited for retrofitting on existing silos; for reproducible mass measurement, whenever the conventional level measurement does not provide the desired result. The measuring cell is used to capture the masses of bulk materials and liquids in beam and skirt supported silos. Implementation occurs if core flow arises in the silo, i.e. the bulk materials are in motion at the outlet only. Bridge or gap formation is the result. The L-Cell is cost-optimised solutions, as they are installed directly on the existing support structure of the silo using mounting srews. For this the system does not have to be emtied or converted.


A compression, expansion or shearing occurs within the silo substructure when the silo is filled or emptied. This change dimensional is detected by the MicroCell and the mass is analysed by the transmitter. The sensors consist of two semiconductor strain gauges which are ceramically bound with a bending bar. As both semiconductor strain gauges are interconnected with a half-bridge, the semiconductors compensate for normal temperature drift.

Technical data


  • skirt supported silo

Operating voltage

  • +12 VDC ±5 %

Max. power consumption

  • 11,8 mA (with 12 V power supply)

Material | Support

  • 17-4 PH stainless steel, heat-treated

Material | Housing

  • stainless steel

Output signal at nominal load

  • ±35 mV per 0,7 kg/mm² (±1 %)

Ouput signal (no load)

  • 0 mV (±100 mV)

Max. measurement range

  • ±10,5 kg/mm²

Zero drift

  • <±0,1 mV/K

Linearity error

  • ±0,1 of nominal load

Reproducibility and hysteresis

  • ±0,1 % of the nominal load

Connection cable

  • 3 core, approx. 4,6 m

Type if protection

  • IP65 with cover plate

Resistance values (at room temperature)

  • black – red: 1,45 kΩ
  • black – white: 4,1 kΩ
  • white – red: 4,1 kΩ

Max. working temperature

  • -34 °C up to +66 °C

Max. storage temperature

  • -34 °C up to +66 °C

Temperature compensated range

  • -18 °C up to +38 °C

Max. permissible air humidity

  • 95 %

Scope of delivery

  • measurement cell, cover plate, screws with washers, special adhesive

Optional additional delivery

  • mounting tool

Necessary for installation

  • 8 (respectively 4 for inside and outside)

Your benefits

  • No interruption of running process; installation on existing silos.
  • Productivity increase due to reproducible measurements.
  • Maintenance-free and reliable due to temperature compensating sensors.
  • No rebuilding; retrofittable on existing silos.
  • Cost savings due to retrofitting.
  • Reproducible measurements.

Product Information

You can find detailed information of the product in this product information (PDF).