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Standard hose protection made of HD polyethylene.

Safe-Spirals are manufactured by extrusion from high density polyethylene. This production method ensures high breaking strength and round spiral edges.

Features of the Safe Spirals.
  • Our standard polyethylene hose protection
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Frost and heat resistant
  • Acid, oil and solvent resistant
  • Contains antistatic additive
  • Cost effective option for hose protection
  • Simple assembly
  • A single size can be used for multiple hose sizes
Available sizes and lengths

The spirals are available with an outer diameter of 12 mm to 140 mm. This corresponds to a range of use (hose outer diameter) from 9 mm to 155 mm. With the Safe Bundler tool even up to 180-200 mm.

All diameters are available as rolls or in cut lengths. The roll length depends on the size.

For all diameters, the maximum cut length is 6,000 mm and a minimum order quantity applies.

All cut lengths are equipped with a rounded end and a hole for extension and fastening.


Available colors 

The standard colors are black and yellow.

Other colors are available on request (minimum order 600 m per color, may include different sizes).

Recommended temperature range

From -50 °C to +80 °C (continuous) and +100 °C (short-term).


Your benefits

  • Protect your hoses from abrasion, impact and the elements.
  • Protection of your investment, as the hoses have a higher fatigue strength and the number of work stoppages caused by hose breakage is reduced.
  • Colored spirals increase the visibility of your hoses and thus increase safety.
  • Bundle your hoses to increase safety and make handling easier.