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Containment Sampler

Sampling of toxic media.
OEB4. Approved. Certified. Safe.

Sampling in the containment area presents users with major challenges. On the one hand the system always must remain closed due to the toxic media it contains, on the other hand, it has to be opened for sampling.

With its automated in-line sampling system, REMBE® Kersting offers maximum safety and ease, in order to increase efficiency in process management.


With the containment sampler sampling occurs using the Smart- Glide p* cup sampler. Sampling is transported through the sampling system. The point of withdrawal as well as the sample collection point are separated from the continuing process with pneumatic pinch valves. Their tightness has been tested according to DIN 12266-1 P12 leak rate A inclusive protocol. Because of the pressure in the testing intermediate chamber this pressure is monitored by a pressure transmitter – approved according to ATEX product line 2014/34/EU. The filter system for the pressure equalisation of the sample chamber is according to filter class H13. In addition the containment sampler includes a compressed air storage with a safety circuit, in order to keep the pneumatic actuated pinch valves closed in case of a pressure drop. At the end of the sampling process the samples are captured in a collection hose with a length of 20m and packaged for secure transportation.

* Details of SmartGlide p on p. 02 in the product information.

Certified according to

Technical data

Material | Stainless steel (product contact)

  • 1.4404 / 1.4301

Material | Sealing (product contact)

  • FPM
  • EPDM oder PTFE

Max. permissible temperature

  • 60 °C
  • 180 °C optional

Max. permissible operating pressure

  • -20 mbar g up to 0,1 bar g @ 200 °C


  • ATEX Zone 20/21
  • PED
  • TA-Luft

Your benefits

  • No release of toxic substances.
  • Maximum product protection.
  • Guaranteed leak-tightness in the process.
  • Sample size determined by cup size.
  • Precise process management.

Product Information

You can find detailed information of the product in this product information (PDF).