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Plug Sampler

Defined sampling in inline processes.

Do you want a well-defined sample of your material? The Plug Sampler from REMBE® Kersting offers you precisely that. Whether in the plastic sector for sampling granules or in the food industry for sampling milk powder – the Plug Samplers are suitable for an exact sampling. Your customers will be impressed with such reliable sampling – imprecise traceability belongs to the past.


The Plug Sampler transports a defined quantity of the product into a sample collection system by driving a plug with sample chamber into the process line such as the LayFlat. The Plug Sampler is installed with the open side facing upwards. Either manually or pneumatically – the plug is withdrawn from the flow for sampling. The bulk material drops out of the opening into a sample collection system which was selected previously such as the LayFlat from REMBE® Kersting. At any time the desired sample quantity can be collected from the process.

Technical data

Material | Plug (product contact)

  • POM

Material | Housing (product contact)

  • stainless steel 1.4404

Material | Sealing ring

  • PTFE

Max. permissible temperature

  • -30 °C up to +80 °C*

* Subject to changes and variations.

Your benefits

  • No risk of contamination.
  • Pneumatic, electric or manual drive systems.
  • Well-defined sampling method.
  • Can be used in pressure and vacuum areas.
  • Product-friendly sampling.
  • Suitable for granules and powder.
  • Easy to install and clean.
  • Adaptability of any sampling vessel.

Product Information

You can find detailed information of the product in this product information (PDF).