Flow metering for powders and bulk materials.
Economic product use with the C-LEVER®

Whether for pre-loading in a lorry or admixture of products: the C-LEVER® ensures the exact mass metering of powders and bulk materials. The C-LEVER® is the optimal measuring device for inline mass flow measurement. The measuring unit recognises the exact feed rate and relays this to the transducer. Through its low installation height, the assembly saves not only on space, it is also quick and cost-effective to implement. Assured processes despite differing bulk densities with the REMBE® Kersting C-LEVER®. Mass flow measurement technology for free flowing bulk materials, which is suitable for all kinds of process requirements.


The C-LEVER® principle is based on a world-exclusive and patented measurement procedure. This enables a very precise, frictioncompensated mass flow measurement of bulk materials, which takes place a gravimetric – therefore free-falling. Even with the most divergent properties of the bulk materials, a measurement accuracy of up to 99.5 %* is achieved (minimum throughput of 50 kg/h, minimum material density of 0.3 t/m3).

* With an authorised product flow system on-site or with a REMBE® Kersting feed line. All accuracy details relate to the scale value.

“We have used C-LEVER® in a variety of sizes within our fertiliser production plant. We have been particularly impressed by the product’s rugged and easy-to-use design. With the help of the experts from REMBE® we were able to achieve significant improvements in the accuracy of our measurements. These have generated major cost savings.”

Karsten Henning (Foreman, Measurement and Control Laboratory at K+S Kali)

Technical data

Material | Housing

  • mild steel, powder-coated with RAL 1028
  • stainless steel 1.4301 or 1.4401
  • options upon request

Material | Measuring slide

  • stainless steel 1.4301
  • stainless steel 1.4301, electropolished
  • HARDOX 400
  • ceramic coating*
  • PTFE coating*


  • ±0,5 up to 2 %

Working temperature

  • -45 up to +75 °C, optional high-temperature version up to 200 °C

Output signal

  • 0 up to 20 mV

Supply voltage

  • 5 up to 12 V DC


  • CE conformity

* Other coatings available upon request.


Your benefits

  • Dependable inventory control through precise loading and unloading.
  • Simple installation: no specialists necessary.
  • Available for all kinds of material; suitable for highly abrasive materials.
  • Practical compressed air cleaning for easily adhering materials.
  • Low maintenance: no moving parts, almost no wear.
  • Highly accurate, even with variable demands and intermittent product flows.
  • Low space requirement: compact construction.
  • Application in high temperature areas up to 200 °C, for example plastic manufacturing, during the loading of hot ashes in power plant operations or the monitoring of chemical metering processes.
  • Also with an application in potentially explosive areas.
  • Special design of inflow hoppers and discharge adapter units for differing pipelines or oblique angles.

Product Information

You can find detailed information of the product in this product information (PDF).