Sampling valve for pneumatic conveying lines.

The SamFlow enables sampling of powders and granules from pneumatic conveying lines. The extraction of the sampling is done by the delivery pressure of the process largly automatically. The existing pressure is used to deliver small amounts at high frequency intervals to a sample collection system. The collected sample represents the total product quantity.

Technical data

Material | Flow pipe (product contact)

  • 1.4404 / 1.4571

Material | Pinch valve

  • POM (natural rubber)

Material | Sealing

  • EPDM
  • optional PTFE

Material | Bottle (product contact)

  • PP

Max. permissible operating temperature

  • -40 °C up to +80 °C
  • up to 180 °C optional


  • 1″ Clamp connection

Operating pressure

  • up to 3,5 bar

Connection | Compressed air

  • at least 1,5 bar over conveying pressure


  • ⅛” with fitted filter (0.2 micron)


  • control unit box

Your benefits

  • Abrasion is avoided.
  • Simple assembly into an existing process.
  • Hygienic: suitable for food and pharma.
  • No direct intervention into the process line.
  • Reliable at a working pressure up to 3.5 bar.

Product Information

You can find detailed information of the product in this product information (PDF).