Moist Product Sampler
Moist and pasty.

Compared with dry and granulated products, processing moist products is much more complex. Due to the cohesive and adhesive material properties, a traditional product sampler cannot be used.

REMBE® Kersting has developed a pneumatic product sampler specifically for moist and pasty products. Do you want to carry out reliable sampling afterwards your drying unit? That is not a probem anymore with the SMARTwet.


The SMARTwet is connected directly to the process by means of a flange or clamp connection. To take a sample, the rotating sampling port enters the process whilst the internal plug stops, capturing material in the sampling chamber. The bar located in the port makes sure that the product is released from the process. Subsequently the sample is pressed into the discharge port by a plug located in the sampling pipe. Various collection systems can be fitted at this point such as the REMBE® Kersting SAMbottle for example.

Technical data


  • Plug Sampler | DN 65

Sample volume

  • 150 ml

Max. Stroke

  • 80 mm

Material | Stainless steel (product contact)

  • 1.4404 / 1.4301
  • Hastelloy C-276 / C-22 optional

Max. permissible operating temperature

  • -40 °C up to +80 °C

Max. permissible operating pressure

  • -0,1 up to +0,5 bar at 22 °C

Your benefits

  • Sampling of pasty media is possible.
  • Material: optional Hastelloy C-22.
  • No contamination: Scraping of the sampling chamber.

Product Information

You can find detailed information of the product in this product information (PDF).