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Mass measurement in pneumatic conveying.
Dust-free. Reliable. Durable.

Ideal for the monitoring and regulation of secondary fuels, as well as limit monitoring and mass balancing: The MicroFlow detects the mass flow of pneumatic conveying lines reliably and with long-term stability. It operates largely independent of material and pressure and is also ideally suited for small quantities. Mechanical wear is impossible as a result of contactless measurement.


The sensor uses microwaves and emits a measuring frequency from its front side. From the reflected signal according to a patented procedure the mass flow is measured and displayed as an analogue signal in proportion to the mass flow. The evaluation is carried out with a software which is included in the delivery.

Technical data

Working temperature

  • -20 up to +60 °C

Max. permissible temperatures inside the conveyor

  • -20 up to +150 °C

Supply voltage

  • 20 up to 30 VDC

Max. permissible pressure inside the conveyor

  • 80 bar
  • 200 bar optional

Protective housing type

  • IP 66
  • IP 67 optional


  • 2 up to 5%*

* Dependent upon the site of application and particle flow profile.

Your benefits

  • Mass flow measurement for pneumatic conveying lines.
  • Detection of no-load and blockage in the pipe system.
  • Dust-free inline monitoring.
  • Reliable, durable, maintenance-free: Sensor does not protrude into the pipes, so mechanical blockages are impossible.
  • Simple calibration using the WLAN interface.

Product Information

You can find detailed information of the product in this product information (PDF).