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inline systems

Immaculate quality control through application-oriented sampling.

A gap-less quality control is the key to unobjectionable final results. You want satisfied customers – REMBE® Kersting wants exactly the same! For this reason, REMBE® Kersting has been developing application-oriented inline samplers for all kinds of application purposes for decades.

The inline samplers according to the type of samplers run in a closed process, remove a sample and display a result in connection with this, so that quality control can be carried out. Whether sampling of grain inside a silo, bulk materials inside a pipeline, paste-like or even toxic media inside a tank – you will find the solutions for your quality control here.


Sampling systems consisting of:



Our samplers for maximum product protection

Control Unit

automated operation of the sampler

Bottle Adapter

perfect filling of your samples

Assured sampling of toxic media to

An overview of your benefits

  • Precise process management.
  • Avoidance of waste and rework.
  • Avoidance of complaints and return deliveries.
  • Traceability and protection against unjustified claims.
  • Occupational safety and hygiene.
  • Materials: stainless steel, food-grade polymer materials.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance, low operating costs.
  • Easily integrated into a wide variety of installation situations.
  • Small installation dimensions, flexible in design and dimensioning.
  • Highest sample quality – cross contamination prevented.

Product Brochure

You can find an overview of the products in this product brochure (PDF).