Swivel Sampler

Sampling Port and Probe
Everything is possible.

REMBE® Kersting has developed the Swivel Sampler as part of the “Sampling Port and Probe” product range. The Swivel Sampler is suitable for various industrial applications. Whether food, animal feed, plastic, hopper, silo or container – almost everything is possible.


The Swivel Sampler is integrated in the process in a way that the probe’s opening is aimed downwards. As soon as a sample is taken, the Swivel Sampler is rotated using a handle outside the process. This is done manually or pneumatically – depending on the model. As soon as the opening points upwards, the sample tube begins filling up with bulk material until the opening is moved downwards again. A collection bottle is mounted under the Swivel Sampler in order to intercept the sample.

Technical data

Material | Housing (product contact)

  • stainless steel 1.4404

Material | Sealing

  • PTFE

Max. permissible operating temperature

  • -40°C up to +80°C
  • up to 180 °C optional


  • 1,5″ TC-port


  • 1,5″ Tri-Clamp


  • manual [M]
  • pneumatic [A]

Your benefits

  • Easy installation.
  • Numerous applications possible.
  • Flexible sampling: the sampler can be opened manually.
  • Manual and pneumatic models available.

Product Information

You can find detailed information of the product in this product information (PDF).